The Early Stage Franchise Investment Exchange includes three transaction management associations that offer memberships to independent & major business service providers that include investment bankers, security law firms, and hedge funds.  Transaction Management Associations provide services through qualified firms: such as franchise development companies and financial brokerage firms. There are transaction management companies with equity & venture capital managers attached.

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The Equity Capital Management Association (ECMA) oversees programs and services including the evaluation of incoming projects and their owners that are seeking equity or venture capital access.more

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The Early Stage Investment Management Association (ESIMA) includes investment brokers with their own independent brokerage firms. These outside professionals are the only ones allowed to offer equity & venture capital projects and franchise systems to designated territories listed by the exchange. The ESIMA also oversee mergers and acquisitions by other members in the Investment Exchange. 

The Mission of the Early Stage Financial Management Association (ESFMA) is to establish a business structure within the exchange for investments and financial service providers with privately owned companies.

Transaction Management Investment Guides

There is a Transaction Management Investment Guide for each of the three associations that provide operation and management procedures to use when conducting business in the Early Stage Franchise Investment Exchange. This guide is also used as a training and marketing guide. These guidelines will also be adjusted as members in the different organizations gain experience in conducting business in the Investment Exchange.