Entrepreneurial Focused Education & Training

Entrepreneurial Focused Education & Training teaches a Modern American Entrepreneurship Philosophy where two types of entrepreneurs are recognized one Innovative and the other Practical. 

Early Stage Franchise University

Early Stage Franchise University (ESFU) is a virtual education and training institution that offers franchise curriculum course development, secondary career and business skill training courses. ESFU teaches designs, layouts and guidelines for training and franchise operation manuals.  When new business fields are open new, education and business skill training courses are needed. Early Stage Franchise University offers online classrooms and lecturer halls for enrolled students. 

Early Stage Franchise Institute

Early Stage Franchise Institute offers two year non-accredited courses that allow students to earn while they learn with on-the-job training in their chosen fields. These courses are called 50/50 courses, because they are administered with 50% class room and 50% field training in a selected field. The non-accredited education and business training courses are industry inspired. The Early Stage Franchise University position there students for their for both virtual and physical franchise territories. 

Investment Driven Economy

This Investment Driven Economy will recognize economic activity in outer space and beyond: including that which occur on asteroids and other planets. For example: this economic system will cover real-estate development and other economic activities on mars and the moon

Book coming soon!