Early Stage Franchise Investment Exchange

There are profound changes coming to the United States economic system, being brought about by the removable of a 90 year old law that prevented individuals with less than $1 million dollars from investing in early stage startups. As a consequence, of the old law there are no private sector business infrastructures in the United States for small business owners seeking equity or venture capital to start or grow a business, until now. The Early Stage Franchise Investment Exchange will accommodate non-accredited investors that will enter the private equity market, now that the new law is fully implemented.

The Early Stage Franchise Investment Exchange was established to service the investment needs of business formation projects and franchise models that need equity and/or venture capital. The Early Stage Franchise Investment Exchange fund ventures from the embryonic stage of a new business idea to a Franchise Business System. The Early Stage Franchise Investment Exchange is the cornerstone of the new Private Sector Business Infrastructure that’s being established in select cities that connect business owners to a new breed of early stage investors. There will be more than 5 billion people living in cities by 2030. Industry researchers and the World Bank estimated that crowd funding generated $5.1 billion in funding transactions in 2013 and will surpass $300 billion by 2025.  

Early Stage Investments from $10 million to $1 billion dollars

ABC’s hit TV show Shark Tank is great television for viewers; however, there are no similar places to fund franchise startups, until now. There was a major gap in the private capital investment market for owners with early stage franchises that needed to raise large sum of equity funds for their ventures.  The Early Stage Franchise Investment Exchange will fill the gap for franchise business systems, by showcasing deals that need to raise equity capital from $1 to $100 million dollars. There are Early Franchise Exchange branches in cities with populations of more than 100,000 that will showcase investment deals from $1 million to $10 million dollars. There are also showcase posting on the exchange for the “Virtual Business Franchise, the billion dollar startup. more

Electronic Wall Street - Webchannel

The Electronic Wall Street Webchannel, showcase listings for business formation and investment projects online. These projects are posted on INBC.TV niche market Webchannel outlets on the Internet this allows them to be viewed on demand at any time...more

Alternative Investment Market

The European Union (EU) is considered the home of the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) for small and medium size enterprise exchanges. Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are the world’s largest business group, they account for two thirds of all new jobs created.

The AIM Exchange was first established in London in 2005. Today they are being attached to public stock exchanges, in London England, Tokyo, Japan, Mumbai & Bombay India, Johannesburg, South Africa, Shanghai, China and many other cities. Alternative Investment Markets are being established in countries where 2/3 of the world's population resides. Someday these exchanges could be larger than all of today’s public stock markets combined. 

Modern American Entrepreneurship

The Modern American Entrepreneurship System is part of a Private Sector Business Infrastructure established to support ventures, starting in the embryonic stage of a new business idea. There are two types of entrepreneurs, recognized by this new entrepreneurial focused business system; one is the Practical Entrepreneur that is self taught through trial and errors. The other is an Innovative Entrepreneur that can be taught in classroom sessions, however they need additional assistance and support when they graduate or start a new business venture. Innovative entrepreneurs also work well within an existing support structure such as; a franchise business system that is capable of providing additional training and financial assistance to the ventures they start ... more


Transaction Management Associations

The Early Stage Franchise Investment Exchange includes three transaction management associations that offer memberships to independent & major business service providers that include investment bankers, security law firms, and hedge funds. Transaction Management Associations provide services through qualified firms: such as franchise development companies and financial brokerage firms. There are transaction management companies with equity & venture capital managers attached. These firms does not work directly with the exchange, instead they are strategic partners that provide services to potential clients and customers of the exchange. This is a membership support organization for member firms that operate within the transaction management business structure.

The Mission of the Early Stage Financial Management Association (ESFMA) is to establish a business structure within the exchange for investments and financial service providers with privately owned companies. The Early Stage Investment Management Association (ESIMA) includes investment brokers with their own independent brokerage firms. These outside professionals are the only ones allowed to offer equity & venture capital projects and franchise systems to designated territories listed by the exchange. The ESIMA also oversee mergers and acquisitions by other members in the Investment Exchange. The Equity Capital Management Association (ECMA) oversees programs and services including the evaluation of incoming projects and their owners that are seeking equity or venture capital access.more

Early Stage Franchising

Early Stage Franchising is the Next Big Thing. It is causing the largest disruption of a major industry, since Amazon disrupted the book publishing industry. The traditional franchise industry was well established using the cookie cutter franchise model that was made famous by the McDonald and Burger King fast food restaurant chains. However, in recent years this franchise model has add items to their menus that was not anticipate when the franchise model was developed, also many of the old franchise models come with facilities that are very expensive to maintain.

Early stage investing is the hottest new field in the private equity market; this new field is so lucrative a special market had to be established exclusively for it. For instance: Uber and Airbnb are two of today’s largest privately held companies. In 2016, Uber had a $66 billion dollar market valuation and Airbnb was valued at $30 billion dollars after the public stock market crisis.

The franchise business structure allow investors to provide guidance for their investments. Early stage franchising brings structure to the private equity market for startups because it is a predictable business structure that allows investors to guide their investments from the embryonic stage of a new business idea to a complete franchise system....more

Global Cities Projects

Early Stage Franchise Investment Exchange outlets are established in selected cities. The cities that are selected will become financial centers and therefore a major resource hub for international trade and other business activities in cities where they are located. The establishing of Global Cities Projects is just in time, to help with an influx of people moving to cities, that a United Nation report estimate will reach more 5 billion by the year 2030.




Private Equity Capital Center

The Private Equity Capital Center is a franchise support facility that is maintained for independent and major service providers that are members of the Equity Capital Access Network. Early Stage Franchising is a private sector initiative that uses special institutions to provide continuous development and support for the franchise business system being offered; the “Private Equity Capital Center” is such an institution. These independent and service providers include professional and practical consultants as well as independent business enterprises that offer quality products and services needed by the different franchise business systems that use the center for development and support. 

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